Free pictures in November!

So I’ve been doing some free pictures this month to get my name out and to allow people to get some good photo’s for christmas cards for free! Here are a few I have done!

Alphin Family

I work with Nate Allphin at Orangesoda and was happy that he wanted to get some pictures done. This was my first “real” shoot using my new 7D. They turned out pretty good considering I only had about 3-4 hours total time using the camera before this shoot! Plus it always helps to have a good looking family for pictures!

Whitesides Family

The Whitesides are in my ward and were one of the first to jump on my offer for free pictures. They are awesome people and very easy to photograph!

I love the colors of the grass and the leaves! The Whitesides picked great colors for the pictures and the location!

The Merrell Family

The Merrells are my 3rd cousins, or maybe 2nd once removed 🙂 She is 20 weeks pregnant and you can’t even tell. She looks amazing and they both turned out to be very easy to work with and we had a great time taking pictures! The sky and clouds were beautiful!

It was actually Brightons birthday! I was excited and honored to be able to take these on her birthday for her! They turned out great!

The Wright Family

Amy was referred to me by my good friend Kallie who she works with and I was very happy to except the opportunity to take their family pictures! The location and lighting was perfect! The snow made for great christmas card pictures!

I have many more albums to post! For now you will have to go to my site to check out more!

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